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IPM Call Predictor

The IPM Call Predictor is one of the most important tools for determining the college into which you can be admitted after passing the entrance exam.

The fundamental idea behind this call predictor is to estimate the likelihood that a candidate with a specific rank and exam score will be accepted into a particular college.

IPM Careers has developed BEST IPMAT/IPM Prediction Tool so far

Do you know? 

An IPMAT Aspirant dives into his/her IPMAT preparation without knowing various possibilities and the selection criteria of an IIM Call. IPM Careers has created an AI Based Profile Calculator called the IPM Call Predictor in order to assist them in learning their chances of receiving an IIM Call based on their target IPMAT Score and Profile using the data gathered over years of experience.

Set a target percentile for yourself for your IPMAT preparation so that you can get into the IIM of your dreams.

 IPM Call Predictor offers common answers to inquiries like:

  • With my current profile, can I expect a call from IIMs?
  • How much do I need to score in order to get into my ideal IIM?
  • Will IIMs call me based on my current profile and score, even though it's high?



Each IIM has its own distinct set of admissions requirements. This selection criteria is the culmination of a number of variables that were taken into account. Here is a list of a few of those elements:

  • Your Class X, Class XII, Graduation, and/or Post-Graduation Grades in the Past
  • Category/ Sub Category
  • Gender Diversity
  • College Stream Diversity
  • IPMAT Score

IPM Call Predictor gives you almost accurate prediction of the IIM call you will receive based on the aforementioned criteria because it has been equipped with the selection criteria of IIMs. The IPM Call Predictor analyses your profile parameters and compares it with the selection criteria of IIMs and provides you the list of IIMs about your chances of getting a call and the IPMAT Score required for the same. 


IPM Call Predictor: IIM Indore

The cutoff score announced by the appropriate authorities should always be the benchmark that candidates compare their final score to.

The IPM call predictor will determine who gets an admissions offer if their tentative marks are higher than the minimum cutoff required for their category.


IPM Call Predictor: IIM Rohtak

Candidates should compare their scores with their scorecards in order to determine whether they have a chance of receiving a final admission to the college according to the IPM call predictor.

It is important to keep in mind the cutoff scores from the previous year, which we have already mentioned. 

CategoryIPMAT Rohtak Cut Off



How to Use IPM Call Predictor?

The IPM Call Predictor is a crucial tool for determining a candidate's eligibility for admission to the desired college as well as information about the college. 

It is advantageous to have a predetermined understanding of the top universities so that a candidate is admitted.

Refer to the steps listed here to predict the IIM Call getting:

  • Click on the link- https://register.ipmcareer.com/call
  • IPM Call Predictor page will appear.
  • Fill in the information asked like Full Name, Age, Select your category, and select your gender and Mobile Number.
  • Click on 'Predict Now'.


The IPM Call Predictor aids applicants in estimating their likelihood of admission (IIM).

To calculate the likelihood of admission, the candidate's profile and the cut-off from the previous year are considered.

It also offers details on the colleges, the cut-off, the placement opportunities, and other relevant data. Students can effectively learn about the admissions process and use it to inform their decisions.

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